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March 26, 2015


Notes and thoughts of Minnie Fuller Thomas, daughter of Myrex Montgomery Fuller,
ad granddaughter of John Ceaphus Fuller.  These were supposedly first hand
remembrances. Dictated to Trena Thomas Polen, her daughter.

Minnie dictates : “ I remember Grandpa Fuller ( John Ceaphus Fuller) and what I
heard him say while talking about the Civil War with others, and in particular
,Joseph Wilson, another Civil War veteran.”

“Grandpa Fuller was born in Michigan, but I’m not sure of this”.

“Grandpa said he became a “bonds boy” (apprentice) to a blacksmith and carpenter
named Fuller, where he lived and served until he went into the Civil War with an
all Indian regiment from Michigan, the 150th (or 155th) Michigan Sharpshooters.

“He served one hitch under the name of “Slow John”. One story he loved to tell,
was that, one day he got hit on the head with a gun-butt, and was left for dead.
That night, when he came to, he saw the campfires and crawled towards them. He
heard them talking about “Slow John” being killed. He came into camp, and they
couldn't  believe he was alive. He carried the crease in his skull to his

“He re-enlisted as John Ceaphus Fuller, and served out the war under that name,
which he used for life”.

“He waived his head-rights which he could have gotten if he had gone back to the
reservation, in favor of homesteading rights and civil war pension”.

My grandfather John C. Fuller lived with a man named Elijah Burgen (Bergen) before the civil war in Royal Oak Michigan.He is in the 1860 census there. I believe he was the adopted son or son of my G-grandfather Myrex Fuller. Know as Slow John as an adult nickname. Can anyone confirm his indian enlistment ?....he did later join the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters as their last recruit.

Fred Gibson...cowboynemo@yahoo.com

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