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March 15, 2010


The first general that comes to my mind is Orlando Willcox. He was born in Detroit in 1823 and graduated from West Point in 1847. He breifly commanded the 1st Michigan and won the Medal of Honor. He spent most of his service with the 9th Corps and was its commander at Fredericksburg.

Obviously I'd have to suggest Orlando M. Poe. Even though he was born in Ohio, Detroit was his adopted hometown for much of his life. Hopefully my new biography of him will eliminate some of his anonymity.

Not sure if you are still up dating this topic. Just read your book MI & CW. I am curious why General Copeland was omitted from the book. I followed your footnoe 103 to link on Farnsworth and found several days of reading. Good stuff on Farnsworth, but also discovered Copeland: Born in MA, served as circuit court and MI supreme court justice, served as LtCol of 1st MI Vol Cav Reg Aug61-62 and Col of 5th MI Vol Cavlary Reg Aug 62 until promoted and assigned command of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade. He was an advocate of the Spencer Repeating Rifle and served in leadership position during emergence of professional US Calvary in Spring of 63. He was the officer whom Custer Relieved just before Gettysburg; Custer at 25 and Copeland at age 50. Copeland served out remainder of war at recruit depots in Md and PA. His post war history is colorful in that he appears to continue public service as well as starting a hotel in West Bloomfield that morphed into a military school then eventually the campus of ST Mary's College.
Any way great book displaying Michigan's great heritage.

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