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August 03, 2009


does anyone have the times for the battles?????thanx

I wish I did have time....


Port Sanilac, Michigan, a beauiful village on the shores of Lake Huron, is hosting their second annual Civil War Reenactment on August 7 & 8, 2010. It will be a two day event held at the Sanilac County Historical Museum. Battles, cannons, entertainment of the period, and a Civil War Ball are just a few of the activities planned. Please check us out at www.portsanilac.net and www.sanilaccountyhistoricalmuseum.org
For information: Susan Gill 248 89 9189 smdebus@comcast.net

Good morning, I am a US History teacher in South Haven Michigan and I was wondering if any of the groups from this reenactment would be willing to come to our school to do a performance for us. I have recieved permission from our principal to fire weapons on a vacant field and have been alloted a block of time up to three hours. If anyone is interested please email me at jburleson@shps.org thank you for your time and keeping History alive!!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Rayl and I am the chairman of the Grice House Heritage association. Our organization is responsible for the oversight of the Grice House Museum in Harbor Beach, Michigan. The property is owned by the City of Harbor Beach and the goal of our organization is to preserve our local heritage prior to 1925. Part of our annual program is to host a Heritage Day each summer. The date we have selected for this year is June 25th. Each year we select a theme for the event. As one of our static displays is our military room, we thought it appropriate to choose the civil war as our theme for this year. I am contacting you for your suggestions to help us present this aspect of our heritage in an authentic way and attract the public to our event to increase awareness of our Museum and unique collection of artifacts. We are hopeful to offer an encampment for our event and would like to know of your groups availability and other requirements for a successful event. Thank you for your time.

Scott A Rayl
311 S. Second St,
Harbor Beach, MI 48441

Wow, that was a really big reenactment. I went to some events myself, but never saw something that big.

Hello -- I am a High School teacher in Midland Michigan. I like to bring history alive for my students. I am looking for some re-enactors that can come to the Midland, MI area to do a school demonstration for my 8th & 10th graders.

I do have a group that is bringing a Cannon, but I would like to find an infantry, and possible a calvery unit.

We looking at the week of 3/21/11. If anyone knows someone or can help, please contact me at either; mulloyj@midlandcharter.org (school email) or cdpinballnarcade@sbcglobal.net, or my cell phone (989)430-6562.

I am really hoping to make a day of this for my students to keep it educational, and fun

Best regards,

John B. Mulloy

In response to Bill Rachel, the battles are at 2 PM on each day. This will be our 27th year at Jackson. This year we will be doing the Battle of Bethel Church, Virgnia, which took place June 10, 1861. The 7th Michigan website is http://www.7thmichigan.us/

In response to Jeremy Burleson, contact our Education Coordinator, Don Everett at djkeverett@comcast.net

In response to Scott A Rayl, contact our event coordinator, Tom Emerick at tomjoanemerick@hotmail.com

Keith G. Harrison
Webmaster & Past President
Member, Board of Directors
Website: http://www.7thmighigan.us

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