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October 23, 2008



It's definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately, though, I don't think that they allow people to visit the room where Greasy Dick died, although I have been up there. Also, in the past, you could go up to the attic and open the hatch and look at the battlefield, just as Little Mac did. You can also see the plateau next to the house where Union artillery unlimbered and deployed. The medical museum is also worth a visit.

All in all, definitely worth the investment of time.



I came across your blog while looking for Michigan Civil War resources and contacts.

I have an interest in a particular Michigan CW soldier - Private Frank M. Howe of the 20th MI Infantry. I found an album of family snapshots taken in the early 1900's and was able to determine that they included photos of Frank and his family. Through web research and archive copies of his service and pension records, I have been able to build up a fairly detailed profile of Frank that includes a few contemporary photos of him during and immediately after the war.

Frank was detailed as an orderly to another Michigan native - MGEN Orlando B. Willcox, who was a division commander with the IX Corps. Frank lost a leg as a result of enemy fire at the Battle of the Weldon Railroad (Aug 1864) while serving with Gen Willcox...

I'm always on the hunt for more information about Frank and his family, but have also developed a real interest in Gen Willcox as well - he was quite a figure beforem during and after the war, and was awarded a Medal of Honor for his bravery at First Bull Run, leading the 1st MI.

I've bookmarked your blog site and will be visiting again soon...

Pete Young
San Diego, CA

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