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Michigan native; Christian; husband; father; attorney by profession, Civil War enthusiast; president, Michigan Historical Commission; author.


Born in Detroit, graduate of Michigan State University, James Madison College, B.A. that included a history minor. J.D. degree from The George Washington University; have practiced law ever since. Aside from three years in law school and three in Chicago at Winston & Strawn, I have spent my life in Michigan. Worked for the Attorney General, then Michigan Bell/Ameritech. Appointed in 2007 to and, since June 2012, have had the honor to serve as president of the Michigan Historical Commission.

I have been a member at Dickinson Wright PLLC, one of Michigan's most historic law firms, since 1998.

My fascination with the American Civil War dates from sometime around the 2nd or 3rd grade. I remember waiting for "The Americans", an NBC show about two brothers who fought for opposite sides in the CW. The first episode aired January 23, 1961, when I was eight, and I was watching, keenly.

When my fiance and I were dating, Eastern CW battlefields were a regular event. Once married, my bride and I toured them again--in order of occurrence.

I had come to realize that Michigan's key contributions to saving the Nation were not appropriately recognized or appreciated. This blog is part of an effort to rectify the omission.

My name is John Michael Dempsey. I go by "Jack".